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Webinar: Following the Healthcare Dollar

This webinar panel brings together executives from some of the most forward thinking payers and providers to discuss the complex ways that various stakeholders in the healthcare value chain interact with each other. After the webinar, you will better understand the role of the five major entities involved in the value chain: the payer (Medicare, managed care, employers, individuals), the intermediary (insurance companies, HMOs), the providers (hospitals), the supplier (wholesale group purchasing and other distributors), and the producer (pharma, medical device companies).

Who stands to benefit from the shift to value based care? What is the payment relationship between each of these entities (cash payments, contractual fees, wholesale pricing, chargebacks, reimbursements, data sharing, etc.)? What innovations are making each of these pieces more efficient? This panel aims to provide an illuminating look at how money flows through the healthcare system from the perspective of top healthcare innovation officers.


Terry Booker, VP of Innovation at IBX | Twitter

Aidan Petri, Chief Innovation Officer at Ximedica | Twitter

Roy Rosin, Chief Innovation Officer at Penn Medicine | Twitter

Todd Dunn, Chief Innovation Officer at Intermountain | Twitter 

Moderated by Steve Barsh, CIO of Dreamit Ventures.