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A Founder's Guide to IP Strategy with Benjamin Glenn

It's becoming increasingly important for SMEs to lay out a patent/IP strategy, particularly in the digital heath space. We invited Benjamin Glenn, partner at Shay Glenn LLP, to give a “free style” talk about how startups can go about planning IP strategy. We'll going to go through a number of situations where startup founders usually get tripped up in the patent and FDA approval process, how startups on a limited budget can execute on patent plans, and other factors to consider when developing an initial strategy. 

Sign up for webinar here. You will be joining via Zoom. We'll send out the link the morning of the webinar.

Benjamin Glenn is a partner at Shay Glenn LLP, where he specializes in strategic patents and innovations counseling. Benjamin’s litigation, patent prosecution and strategic counseling experience in a range of technologies allow him to assist clients in establishing and protecting valuable intellectual property portfolios. Benjamin primarily advises venture-backed companies and investors in intellectual property matters arising during investment rounds, corporate formation, and throughout a company’s product development cycle with an emphasis in companies within the medical device industry.