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[Live Webinar] Growth Hacking 101 with Josh Camire, Erik Harbison & Vincent Dignan

Growth hacking has taken marketing and sales by storm. Every startup founder, big business executive, and their uncle wants to growth hack their company to success. There's lots of growth hacking advice on the Internet. In fact, there's so much advice about growth hacking strategies and tactics out there that it's hard to know where to start with it.

To help make things easier for startup founders and aspiring growth hackers, Dreamit is hosting a Growth Hacking 101 webinar. If you want an introduction to growth hacking or need to learn about the best growth hacking tactics, then this is the webinar for you. The purpose of this panel is to teach you the best tools and practices for growing a company and acquiring customers.

The Growth Hacking 101 webinar will be hosted by Dreamit's very own Chief Marketing Officer, Seth Berk. Seth will moderate a discussion with a panel of growth hacking and marketing experts. This panel will include:

Vincent Dignan is the CEO of Magnific, a growth hacking and copywriting agency. Dignan is an expert growth hacker with experience driving users/traffic/revenue to websites. Dignan recently wrote a tell-all book with step-by-step strategies on how to own email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, Content Marketing and much more. Previously, Dignan launched content site in July 2012 and grew the site visitors to 300,000+ per month by November 2012. View his Twitter and website.

Erik Harbison is Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber Communications, which provides digital marketing solutions for top brands in the consumer & B2B market. AWeber uses automated email series to increase conversion of leads to trials by more than 200%. Harbison has over twenty years of experience providing performance-based advertising and marketing solutions across Retail, Sports/Entertainment, Financial, CPG, B2B, Travel and Food/Beverage verticals. Specifically, helping brands navigate and find success in the digital marketing space and social media environments. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

Josh Camire is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Salesforce where he helps businesses transform their digital marketing programs. This team is focused on providing innovative, out of the box solutions for brands who are using the Marketing Cloud. He has written extensively on topics related to growth. In his previous role at Ekho, he was helped to develop relationships with brands, agencies and other partners to drive growth for the data science platform. Follow Josh on Twitter and LinkedIn