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The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly and startups are playing a pivotal role in reshaping how consumers interact with the $3 trillion health industry. It is more important than ever to scale health tech startups efficiently and build sustainable relationships with the payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions that power the existing system. Dreamit provides a framework for startups to grow rapidly, vet ideas quickly, and interface with top healthcare decision-makers. 


Generate Revenue

We are a growth focused accelerator. On day one of the program, you will begin preparing for a 3-week customer immersion experience that will take you across the country into the offices of more than 15 potential new customers.


Scale Your Business

We take a hands-on approach to hone your go-to-market strategy for enterprise customers. Through in-depth weekly partner meetings, mentoring from our extensive network of functional experts & enterprise customers, you will gain valuable insights and create a strategic plan for raising your next financing round.



In addition to interacting with investors throughout the program, you will embark on a two-week, bi-coastal investor roadshow at the end of the cycle. This is a unique opportunity to build relationships with a curated set of early-stage investors. 

Dreamit Health Customer Network

Dreamit leverages a deep network of payers, providers, hospital management systems, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies to work directly with teams to build pilot programs and studies, provide insights and guidance to founders, and to utilize the cutting edge technology produced by Dreamit portfolio companies. We host face-to-face events (demos, shark tank events, startup showcases) with this customer network to build lasting relationships that often result in partnerships between portfolio startups and these institutions. 

Our customer immersions result in partnerships in real time. Dreamit startups are piloting products at Penn Medicine, Mount Sinai, Merck, AmeriSourceBergen, and other companies within the customer network. In addition to gaining paying customers, startups have found ancillary benefits from these partnerships including new grant funding and increased leverage as they begin raising their Series A round of funding. 

The Investor Roadshow

In the last weeks of Dreamit, we curate one-on-one meetings in key cities like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and NYC with leading venture capital firms, corporate venture groups and investor networks to help jump start the fundraising process and establish valuable connections with leaders in the venture community.


A Few VCs Represented... 

What People Are Saying

Customer immersions at Dreamit allowed us short-cuts in our understanding of the market and accessing it, with respect to validation of value proposition and our suggested commercial models. For example, the ability to meet with Penn Medicine and discuss with them our go-to-market approach, compare it with their existing practices in our domain of behavioral modification and piloting our platform in their jurisdiction and, made a big difference. - Eran Ofir, Founder of Somatix

The Dreamit customer immersions provided us with ridiculously good access to key stakeholders at potential customers and partners.  We met with high level decision makers at places like Independence Blue Cross in rapid succession over the course of a few days.  It would have taken us 6 months to schedule meetings with the same people on our own.  This type of access is exactly what Digital Health startups need in order to shorten customer sales cycles in our race against the clock to gain traction and prove our value.
-Matt Loper, Co-Founder of Wellth


“You often hear about "office hours" and "demo days" as standard modus operandi of accelerators, but DreamIt does something fundamentally different in addition to those. In :Customer Immersions," healthcare startups get to pitch their products and ideas to companies like Pfizer, Merck, UHS. It is not just an early feedback for the idea, but it lets you whet a customer's interest and as well lets you gauge the speed and direction you need to move in. Plus, when you are sitting in the meeting with the President of a health system which could have taken you months, if not weeks, to get to on your own, you can focus your time building your product and responding to their feedback. -Vidur Shailendra Bhatnagar, Founder of Keriton

We have benefited immensely from being part of the program and we are positioned much better than when we started to be successful because of contributions such as refining our pitch and placement, feedback on making our pitch deck and executive summary, customer immersions (we are starting our pilot at Penn Medicine and Baptist Health), the investor roadshow (we have made very important connections for both this round and our next and investors have given us specific targets for us to approach them again), networking and introductions, and a lifetime of friendship. - Hari Prasad, Founder of Yosi

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