Guy Vardi
Chief Innovation Officer at Silverstein Properties

Guy Vardi is Chief Innovation Officer for Silverstein Properties. He joined the company in 2016 to oversee the firm’s process of innovation and change management.

Before joining SPI, he co-founded Matific, a startup that empowers teachers and encourages students to discover and explore mathematical concepts through playful interaction. Matific is used by millions of students and translated into 11 languages. In 2003, Guy helped found Oberon Media, a company that expands and diversifies the demographics of computer gamers. Oberon's Game Center network reached over 40 million users.

Guy spent several years developing innovative digital experiences and interaction models, including creating the first commercial VR environment for e-commerce, pioneering production of interactive video using wearables cameras, co-producing software that explores the relationships between classical poetry and interactive media, implementing the TCP / IP protocol over can and wire telephone.

Guy started his career as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.