Who Should Apply?

We are looking for B2B and B2C startups that have deployed a product, demonstrated early traction, and are solving urgent problems in the following areas:


construction tech

Tools that help in executing any construction project from design to completion. Includes latest building technologies like 3D printing, robotics and modular construction that reduce the dependency on human labor and execute projects in shorter time span.

  • Inspections and surveying
  • Planning and collaboration
  • Prototyping and scaling
  • Data gathering
  • 3D printing or additive manufacturing
  • Augmented or autonomous tools
  • Drones
  • Building Information modeling

smart cities

Companies that provide connected hardware and/or solutions for collecting, transmitting and analyzing city-scale data on the way in which people interact with the city environment (i.e. traffic, utilities, etc.)

  • Water management
  • Energy management
  • Urban mobility
  • Street lighting
  • Public safety
  • Smart security
  • Intelligent systems and communications
  • Industrial automation
  • Smart transportation
  • Data aggregation and analysis

real estate

Software as a service and other types of technology companies that enable real estate transactions, the management of real estate properties, and other common real estate services.

  • Collaboration software
  • Marketplaces
  • Data and analytics
  • Building and project info
  • Drones, AR/VR
  • Design software
  • Financial and project management
  • Financial or insurance solutions relating to real estate

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