The Dreamit Financial Offer

Our 14-week program is designed for companies that have early market traction and are prepared to increase the number of enterprise-level customer relationships and deals through our 2-week multi-city Customer Sprint™. As well, Dreamit will accelerate your next round of funding through our 2-week bi-coastal Investor Sprint™. During our time-optimized program, you’ll receive intense coaching from Deamit vertical experts who will pressure test and tune nearly every aspect of your business. Following our 14-week program, Dreamit will continue to assist with ongoing intros to customers and partners, reviewing pitch decks for future rounds, brainstorming and sound boarding issues, and more.

To participate in our program:

  1. Dreamit gets the right to invest up to $500K and receives a small amount of advisor equity.

  2. For companies that are earlier in their development but would still receive meaningful benefit from our full program, Dreamit may consider alternative investment structures.

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