The Dreamit Financial Offer

Dreamit has re-engineered the accelerator model to fit the needs of more mature startups. Our founder-friendly offer allows startups to participate without initial material dilution. The program is designed specifically for founders who are looking to increase the number of large, enterprise-level customers before raising their next material round of financing.  The program also assumes that your company has sufficient capital to participate in the program or to achieve your next round of funding (approximately six months).

Upon joining the program, startups provide Dreamit with the following:

  1. The right to invest up to $500K in your next round of funding at a 20% discount to the terms set by your lead investor. For example, if your next funding round is a $5M financing at a $15M pre-money valuation, Dreamit would have the right to take up to 10% of the round ($500K) at a $12M pre-money valuation (20% discount).

  2. A $50K Convertible Security that will convert into your next round of funding with no discount. To be clear, this is not a cash investment in your company. In essence, this is a program fee to help us cover a portion of the program costs. Continuing with the example above, this $50K would convert at the $20M post-money valuation ($15M pre-money + the $5M raised), making it worth just 0.25% of your startup’s outstanding equity. Other than the Convertible Security mentioned above, there are no additional costs for companies to participate in the program. However, founders must cover their own travel costs for the Investor Roadshow and Customer Sprint Program.* 

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