Section 1: Basic Info


  • Describe the problem you are solving. What evidence supports the urgent need to solve this problem?

  • Product Use Case (500 words or less):  Please provide a short description of a simple real-life example (use case) demonstrating the technology’s benefits to customers. This should articulate the value proposition/ROI for customers and stakeholders along with integration into established workflows.

  • Use Case: Please provide a short description of a simple real-life example demonstrating the technology’s benefits to customers and/or stakeholders. Who uses the product? How? Why do they use it? What’s the ROI for customers? How is the product integrated into their established workflows?

  • Investor Deck (PDF format ONLY)

  • Link to Product Demo Video (Optional)

  • Why are you applying to Dreamit?  What do you expect to gain from the program?


  • What is your monthly revenue rate (MRR)?

  • What is your month-over-month growth rate? What are they now versus six months months ago?

  • Please list total number of customers or users, names of key customers, and indicate if these are trials, pilots or commercial relationships.

  • Do you have customers willing to serve as references? If so, list here with contact info:

Go-To-Market Strategy

  • What is your initial target market? Why that sub-sector?

  • How do you plan to reach those customers in a scalable way? Please include your distribution channel (digital, direct sales, partnering, etc.).  Include who exactly are you selling to? What is the title of the person making the purchasing decision?

  • What is your pricing?

  • What is your estimated market size in USD and how did you arrive at this number? Please reference source data.

  • Who are your biggest competitors and why? Please include any substitutes or workarounds that your target customer currently uses.

  • What are your key competitive advantages?


Section 5: Funding

  • What level of funding have you already raised? 

  • How much capital (direct cash) has been raised? Please list all dilutive and non-dilutive funding separately.

  • How many months of runway do you have currently?

  • If you have raised funding from outside sources, please list your major investors and relevant grants.

  • Have you been through an accelerator? If so, which one(s)?

  • When are you planning to raise your next round?  How much are you planning to raise?


  • How many full time team members does your company have?

  • Please list their name(s) and role below. Please do not list team members as full-time if they have other full-time employment at another organization.

  • Does your team have a full time technical co-founder or product developer? If not, please provide details as to who is responsible for product development.

  • Provide LinkedIn profile links for all core team members.