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The product adoption curve in education is extremely difficult to predict. Education markets are shaped by public policy such as academic standards, testing requirements, and charter school authorizations. Another problem facing entrepreneurs in education is that the market is highly fragmented. States and districts control many of the purchasing decisions for products. Dreamit has partnered with some of the most innovative and tech-forward K-12 schools and universities to create an unparalleled customer network where edtech founders can validate their assumptions, build traction and position startups to #Get2A

The Dreamit EdTech Customer Network

Dreamit leverages a deep network of K-12 schools, universities, and corporates in education and eLearning to work directly with teams to build pilot programs and studies, provide insights and guidance to founders, and to utilize the cutting edge technology produced by Dreamit portfolio companies. We host face-to-face events (demos, shark tank events, startup showcases) with this customer network to build lasting relationships that often result in partnerships between portfolio startups and these institutions. 

Mentors and Advisors

What Alumni Are Saying

“Meeting senior Penn State decision makers during DreamIt's Customer Immersions not only gave us critical insights in how to improve the PeopleGrove platform but also was integral in understanding how large universities operate. And now, PSU is a customer.”

Adam Saven, Co-Founder & CEO of PeopleGrove

"Not only did the immersions help us to refine our sales process and communication, the multiple engagements in front of potential customers substantially increased the number of opportunities in our pipeline."

Nicole Tucker-Smith, Founder and CEO of LessonCast


Alumni Network

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