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Learn About Recent Dreamit Investments and Portfolio Companies



Our Companies

Learn About Recent Dreamit Investments and Portfolio Companies

Dreamit HealthTech Spring 2018

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GIBLIB produces and curates a comprehensive library of surgical procedures and medical lectures featuring top physicians at leading teaching institutions across the US. The library is distributed on web and mobile in ultra HD and on Oculus in virtual reality. Over 10,000 medical professionals use the platform to-date. Starting in Q2 2018, viewers will have the ability to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits remotely via a recently signed partnership with Cedars-Sinai.

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HealthTensor leverages artificial intelligence to automatically review all patient data, diagnose the most common conditions, and create documentation for physicians. These evidence-backed notes save physicians time, ensure that diagnoses are not missed, reduce coding queries, and improve finances for both physicians and hospitals. Case studies with a 1,000-bed hospital identified a $10M opportunity to improve revenues and save over 50% of documentation time per patient encounter.

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Infermedica provides guidance to patients in selecting the most suitable and cost-efficient means of care based on their symptoms by using advanced reasoning technology to perform a virtual preliminary diagnostic interview. The system has been used by over 3 million users worldwide and its technology is offered as a white-label solution to health insurance companies & health systems. Key customers include Allianz Partners, Dovera, Medicover, & HealthLoop.

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McCoy Health reimagines interdisciplinary care coordination by providing real-time data in an intuitive display coupled with robust task management tools. Used by more than 150 inpatient clinical services at Penn Medicine, McCoy Health is transforming the way physicians, nurses and healthcare providers communicate with each other and interface with data, driving higher quality clinical interactions, more timely decision making & reducing costly medical errors.

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Praos Health provides rapid on-demand deployment of qualified nurses to healthcare organizations to fulfill staffing shortfalls. The platform provides visibility into license and credential validity, nurse availability, and performance metrics in near real-time. Used for internal nurses and for flexible expansion to a marketplace, the platform has 400+ nurses and ten Joint Commission-certified customers in Texas.

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Trials.ai fixes the two root causes of failure in clinical trials: study design and execution. The platform leverages AI to improve protocol recommendations, automate study design, and optimize day-to-day execution. The company recently closed their first Tier 1 Pharma customer. In recent pilot projects, the platform reduced administrative burden by 3 hours per day and decreased data errors by 20%.

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Vitls remotely monitors patients’ health conditions with a thin, unobtrusive wearable that tracks vital signs, enabling immediate intervention. The disposable product allows for continuous, reliable, and undisturbed monitoring for up to 6-days and vital sign data is sent via a database directly to the EHR or any connected device. 510(k) process is underway in addition to a pilot with Texas Children's Hospital.

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Vytalize Health provides a suite of tech-enabled services for independent primary care providers (PCPs) to expand the scope of fee-for-service primary care and transition to risk-based payment models for their Medicare patient population. The company currently has 11 providers under management in the New Jersey & New York markets.


Dreamit UrbanTech Spring 2018

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Cherre provides investors, insurers, brokers and other large enterprises with a Platform-as-a-Service to collect, resolve, and augment real estate data from thousands of public, private, and internal sources. By providing a “single source of truth,” Cherre gives its partners a competitive advantage, helping them evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately than ever before while saving them millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs.

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IPSUM is a web and mobile app that helps construction companies implement lean construction techniques with BIM methodologies to prevent delays, avoid cost overruns, and plan projects more efficiently. IPSUM empowers workers in the field, increases compliance, generates analytics, and creates automatic reports to keep projects on track. CB Insights named IPSUM a top startup transforming the construction industry.

Kognition is a hardware agnostic enterprise software solution for real estate property managers and security operators in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services. Kognition’s flagship SuperGuard solution combines live security camera footage with sensor data to detect security threats such as unauthorized entrants who “piggyback” on roughly half of all authorized entrants to corporate worksites. Kognition can reduce the cost of security management by as much as 90%.

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myComply is the go-to platform that general contractors use to reduce their liability by verifying training and certifications of all site personnel. In minutes, GCs can deploy myComply’s free, cloud-based service to all site subcontractors creating a digital training log with up-to-date safety certifications and proof of training.

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TRAXyL installs optical fiber onto the surface of roads with no need for trenching. By painting fiber directly onto paved surfaces, TRAXyl delivers installed optical fiber at one tenth the install cost of traditional trenching and deploys in hours rather than months.

Dreamit HealthTech Fall 2017

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Ejenta team developed the technology NASA uses to remotely monitor the health of astronauts on the International Space Station and is now applying it to monitor chronic conditions. Intelligent agents use data from sensors and IoT devices to learn about their users, detect abnormalities, and connect care teams with patients.

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Epharmix improves chronic disease management efficiency and outcomes with evidence-based remote monitoring via automated text messages and phone calls. The technology is clinically proven to drive lasting engagement and improve outcomes, with eight peer-reviewed journal publications and dozens of national conference presentations.

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Karuna uses Virtual Embodiment Training™ to help patients to overcome pain and motor impairment through the use of Pain Education, Graded Motor Imagery, and Movement Science that retrains the brain. Using predictive coding & data collected from motion tracking technology, the Karuna training program guides patients through a customized therapy protocol.

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macro-eyes is a machine learning company increasing access to care. macro-eyes product SIBYL is an intelligent scheduling add-on that increases revenue, maximizing the likelihood that one patient will show for every one appointment slot. Providers can see more patients each day without adding overhead costs. SIBYL builds the optimized schedule in real-time, cutting expensive gaps and creating more efficient operations. 

Mahmee is a prenatal and postpartum care management platform for delivering personalized, ongoing support and education to new moms. Connecting and integrating care across a highly fragmented maternal care system comprised of hospitals, insurers, health systems, and private practices, the Mahmee platform reduces hospital readmissions and increases breastfeeding rates.

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PAST Rx applies sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms to help prescribers identify patients at risk for substance abuse, enabling more careful and limited prescribing of controlled substances, addressing one of the major causes of the opioid addiction epidemic. Accessing government and private databases, real-time SaaS analysis integrates into front-line provider workflows and facilitates prescriber compliance with legal documentation requirements, thereby reducing legal liability.

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SafKan has developed the first automated wearable ear cleaning device, delivering pulsed irrigation and suction. The initial market is physicians, who perform earwax (cerumen) removal procedures over 231,000 times per week in the United States. Initial clinical studies demonstrate the procedure as safe and effective, removing cerumen in about a minute.


Dreamit UrbanTech Fall 2017

Gi Fly is the first electric bike that folds in just one second. Its mobile app commands the bike’s features — lights, locking, bike sharing, route guidance, and more. With solid, anti-puncture tires and a belt drive transmission, Gi Fly is maintenance-free. Hailed as the Tesla of bicycles, Gi Fly can go 40 miles on a single charge, providing the modern commuter with a practical, sustainable, and efficient means of urban transportation.

Cityzenith helps building professionals to aggregate and analyze hundreds of dynamic data sources to better design, build, and operate complex, multi-building project locations of any scale, anywhere in the world. Using their InstaBIM tool, users can drag and drop their 3D BIM, CAD, and GIS models straight from desktop onto interactive, virtual “5D Smart City” models that connect to public Open Data, loT and sensor data, project data, and CAFM data.

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Ecomedes makes sustainable purchasing easy with a digital data management platform for finding the best products for a particular project and simplifies analyzing and documenting the economic and environmental impact by automating the current fragmented, frustrating and time consuming workflows. The software eliminates the time spent and confusion created by scouring multiple, unique websites for every product category when searching for sustainable products.


Flower Turbines creates small, quiet, aesthetically pleasing wind turbines that can be used in close proximity to buildings and people. Their unique aerodynamics actually improves efficiency when deployed in dense formations, making them ideal for urban and similar settings. These turbines start at lower speeds, are low in noise and vibration, are safe for birds, and are more cost effective than similar classes of turbines.

Knowify modernizes the office for commercial subcontractors, giving them a software platform with powerful, paperless tools to bid, track, and invoice their jobs. Businesses using Knowify run more efficiently and with better visibility. Result? Fewer mistakes, better decision making, less time wasted on administrative tasks, and a solid foundation for growth.

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Lotik provides water monitoring as a service with wireless sensors that clamp onto pipes and plumbing fixtures to detect water flow and identify leaks and send the data to the cloud for analysis. Proprietary algorithms continuously understand water flow, detect anomalies, and increase savings by letting building managers know the second there’s a problem.

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Raxar has saved some of the world’s largest airports, government agencies, and AEC firms millions of dollars with their end-to-end visual inspection and condition assurance software suite. Raxar’s software streamlines and ensures quality, safety and compliance and helps its customers improve their long term planning.


Dreamit HealthTech Spring 2017

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Bluedrop Medical created a smart, home based remote monitoring system capable of the early detection and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers. Advanced algorithms monitor daily foot scans to detect diabetic foot ulcers before they develop, providing actionable alerts to both patient and provider.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.50.27 PM.png

Tine Health is a mobile platform augmenting medical devices with Just-In-Time training and compliance tracking for front-line healthcare providers. Pilot studies have demonstrated over 50% reduction in error rates, generating additional revenue for hospitals.

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Cylera is a cybersecurity company focused on protecting healthcare organizations and their patients from cyber-based threats by providing machine learning-powered solutions to defend medical devices from cyber attacks, including zero day exploits, data breaches, and ransomware.

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Marmo Health delivers Patient support and behavior change service delivered through ultra-personalized peer groups in a mobile phone messaging app with coach-led education programs and natural language processing.

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Biorealize makes low-cost, easy-to-use, portable tools for designing and growing organisms for novel biotech applications. Their first product, “Microbial Design Studio,” dubbed the Personal Computer version of a biolab, allows anyone to design, test, and monetize biology at the bench and in the field.

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Group K Diagnostics offers a low-cost, rapid, paper-based diagnostic system, providing multiple results from one patient sample within 30 minutes or less at the point of care. The modular system can currently combine up to 3 different tests and can be read via a smartphone app, desktop app, or comparison paper guide, allowing the test to be conducted in any setting.

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Citus Health offers a suite of workflow automation and remote patient support software solutions that makes home healthcare less cumbersome and stressful for patients, while enabling providers to more cost-effectively deliver superior patient support and better patient outcomes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.51.02 PM.png

Kaizen Health is a patient transportation platform enhancing healthcare efficiency and population health by leveraging logistics technology and data to improve patient outcomes.

Dreamit HealthTech - Fall 2016

Dreamit EdTech - Fall 2016

Dreamit HealthTech - Spring 2016

Dreamit EdTech - Spring 2016

Dreamit HealthTech 2015


CareCierge is a platform which provides clarity, direction, and assistance to busy professionals caring for their parents as they age. Met with over 70 caregivers who have confirmed they will purchase.


dbaza health – Clinically validated patient onboarding platform for managing and reducing the costs of chronic diseases like diabetes. At revenue and already used by over 400,000 patients.

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Diagnostic Driving – Combining a simulation-based driving risk assessment with customized interventions to reduce crashes, starting with the over 50% of US F100 companies experiencing more than 10 crashes per day. Team includes global authorities in driver safety and prior creative director for the Virgin Galactic simulator. Trial with one F100 company.


GraphWear Technologies – The first graphene-based dehydration, glucose, and lactic acid monitor, all from your sweat. Graphene sensor is non-invasive, wearable and pairs to a smartphone. Dehydration pilots in progress and proof of concept for glucose detection is complete. Ongoing discussions with Microsoft, Samsung, Jawbone, and HP Wearables.


Gray Matter Technologies – Smart mouthguard helps athletes, coaches, and trainers better identify athletes at risk of concussion as well as providing additional athlete performance data. Proofs of concept complete (mouthguard and apps). Positive feedback from athletic trainers and coaches at 6 top colleges and over 10 private & public schools.

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Oncora Medical – Enabling data-driven, personalized radiation oncology to improve cancer center efficiency while reducing the incidence of toxic radiation side effects. Collaborations at 3 major US cancer centers, paid pilots launching in Q4 2015, and pipeline of over a dozen US hospitals.

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Neutun Labs – Software that tracks chronic and acute health conditions with existing wearables and mobile devices, beginning with epilepsy and scaling to adjacent markets. Value prop to patients, care providers, clinicians, and pharma. 3 planned pilot projects, on-boarding 20k new users.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.28.03 PM.png

VisExcell – A personalized breast cancer risk platform for radiologists and their patients, applying machine learning and advanced computer vision to deliver novel and powerful risk models and automate physician annotation. Concept validated with 6 medical institutions representing more than 200k annual mammograms.

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