Urban Tech - Fall 2017

Gi Fly is the first electric bike that folds in just one second. Its mobile app commands the bike’s features — lights, locking, bike sharing, route guidance, and more. With solid, anti-puncture tires and a belt drive transmission, Gi Fly is maintenance-free. Hailed as the Tesla of bicycles, Gi Fly can go 40 miles on a single charge, providing the modern commuter with a practical, sustainable, and efficient means of urban transportation.

Cityzenith helps building professionals to aggregate and analyze hundreds of dynamic data sources to better design, build, and operate complex, multi-building project locations of any scale, anywhere in the world. Using their InstaBIM tool, users can drag and drop their 3D BIM, CAD, and GIS models straight from desktop onto interactive, virtual “5D Smart City” models that connect to public Open Data, loT and sensor data, project data, and CAFM data.

Ecomedes makes sustainable purchasing easy with a digital data management platform for finding the best products for a particular project and simplifies analyzing and documenting the economic and environmental impact by automating the current fragmented, frustrating and time consuming workflows. The software eliminates the time spent and confusion created by scouring multiple, unique websites for every product category when searching for sustainable products.

Flower Turbines creates small, quiet, aesthetically pleasing wind turbines that can be used in close proximity to buildings and people. Their unique aerodynamics actually improves efficiency when deployed in dense formations, making them ideal for urban and similar settings. These turbines start at lower speeds, are low in noise and vibration, are safe for birds, and are more cost effective than similar classes of turbines.

Knowify modernizes the office for commercial subcontractors, giving them a software platform with powerful, paperless tools to bid, track, and invoice their jobs. Businesses using Knowify run more efficiently and with better visibility. Result? Fewer mistakes, better decision making, less time wasted on administrative tasks, and a solid foundation for growth.

Lotik provides water monitoring as a service with wireless sensors that clamp onto pipes and plumbing fixtures to detect water flow and identify leaks and send the data to the cloud for analysis. Proprietary algorithms continuously understand water flow, detect anomalies, and increase savings by letting building managers know the second there’s a problem.

Raxar has saved some of the world’s largest airports, government agencies, and AEC firms millions of dollars with their end-to-end visual inspection and condition assurance software suite. Raxar’s software streamlines and ensures quality, safety and compliance and helps its customers improve their long term planning.

Twist Homes is connected building infrastructure masquerading as a smart light bulb. Their turnkey lighting control system also includes wireless speakers, wifi repeaters and a platform supporting multiple sensor modules that provide real-time insights to help maximize value and improve well-being. Twist’s future-proofed solution easily adapts to changing building codes.


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